“I took a ride with their service and I have to say it got me saying, "ooh, nice" couple of times. The unexpectedness of the new valid content with content that I follow already was in perfect harmony.”

- ArcticStartup

We are the developers of a unique next-generation behavioral targeting solution and predictive content personalization technology. Our technology can predict a user's interests through an automated semantic analysis of publicly available information.  It is able to create a detailed and ranked interest/topic profile of a user based on that user’s “digital footprint” on the Internet: web pages, social networks, tweets, alumni lists, etc.


Do you want to try the latest in next-generation targeting solutions?

Are you a publisher, ad network, ecommerce provider or direct marketer and are interested in learning how our B2B personalization and behavioral targeting solutions can help improve your business?

Key to our API and documentation can be obtained from by clicking here.